Hendrik Eduard Kuiper
Worldwide Life Coach,
Business Consultant
and Counselor

I was born in The Netherlands, emigrated to the USA at a very young age. My school education took place in Southern California. My life's experiences have been in many places and encompassing many cultures.

I have lived on 3 continents, in 3 oceans*, in 16 countries and currently live on the Island of Malta, where I enjoy 330 days of sunshine per year.​

As a young lad I was influenced by Errol Flynn 'Pirate' movies much more than I thought possible.  Those movies were likely the cause of my selecting the Navy as my choice of military service and they have influenced the theme of this website.

Just weeks before my 18th birthday, I became certified as a US Navy Paramedic.
Just weeks before my 25th birthday, I became certified as a Los Angeles County Paramedic.
Just weeks before my 34th birthday, I became certified as a California Law Enforcement Officer.
Having a long history of helping people makes it easier for me to be able to help you.

correction 2 oceans  and 1 sea .

"The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing."
Walt Disney

My Qualifications:

I am a world traveler who has lived in and visited many countries encompassing many cultures and diverse individuals. Having degrees in Psychology and Theology and combining them with Life Coach Certification and my professional experience in the Military, Law Enforcement, Investigations, Security and the world of IT. I have provided many trainings and I have also been a Computer Teacher; both at a Special Education School and Adult Education for non-profits.

I can guide you in the best direction to fulfill your goals and dreams.


The Theme/Symbology

Having been enchanted by life at sea from a young age combined with the philosophy that life is like a voyage over the ocean. Some days are sunny and smooth sailing, while other days are stormy and difficult. There are also the elements of the unknown, darkness and light. All of this has led me to choose a nautical theme complete with nautical symbology.

The background and the small icon, either in the address bar or on the tab, are Wind Roses. A wind rose was a guide on mariners' charts to show the directions of the eight principal winds. We have all heard the expression 'winds of change' and the purpose of a life coach is to help you make the necessary changes to be successful in your endeavors. Coincidently there are eight generally agreed upon areas of life.

Just as the wind rose guided mariners I am here to guide you.