When Westerners are unhappy, their emotions can be easily perceived through body language, facial expression, and tone.

In Easterners, it’s a little more difficult to tell how someone is feeling. The norm is to hide displeasure, especially in front of superiors.

Two people may be arguing when in reality, they are just chatting loudly. In Western societies, this loudness is seen as anger.

This is one of twenty-four differences between eastern and western cultures as drawn in Liu Yang’s book “Ost trifft West” or “East Meets West,” a young artist from Beijing currently living in Germany. She described the social and cultural differences between Eastern and Western cultures. (NB Just in case: West is Blue, East is Red).

Whereas I have seen a few of these on other websites, I am posting them one at a time, giving you the opportunity to see them one at a time and leave a comment whether or not you agree.

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