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Whereas these services seem similar, there is a scope distinction between them. Coaching is available to individuals or within a business environment. Consultancy is offered to small and medium businesses and Counselor/Mentoring is strictly one-on-one with an individual.

Generally speaking Coaching has the shorter duration, Consultancy is on a project basis and duration is wholly dependant on the size of the project and Mentoring could last 2 or more years. 

The process we follow is essentially the same for coaching and mentoring. Mentoring is far and away more involved as there is a learning process attached to it. Having experienced the process with guidance the next step is independence with minimal guidance until you feel that you can conquer the seas of life. Consultancy is done on a project basis and therefore differs from either coaching or mentoring. 

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Initial contact will be via email and then depending on your location either via voice (telephone or Skype) or in person communication.