Waiting in a Queue

In the West they tend to queue single file. In the East they wait, but there is no queue.

Most Westerners are overwhelmed by the pushing and shoving that occurs in Eastern banks, train stations, bus stops, and elevators. For example, before the Olympic Games, Beijing decided to clean up its act and announced a National Queue-Up Day once a month in an effort to prevent people from cutting and prepare them to be more well-mannered for the event.

This is one of twenty-four differences between eastern and western cultures as drawn in Liu Yang’s book “Ost trifft West” or “East Meets West,” a young artist from Beijing currently living in Germany. She described the social and cultural differences between Eastern and Western cultures. (NB Just in case: West is Blue, East is Red).

Whereas I have seen a few of these on other websites, I am posting them one at a time, giving you the opportunity to see them one at a time and leave a comment whether or not you agree.

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